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Nick Jonas recently revealed his wedding dress design is inspired by the 1950s and 60s.

The singer-songwriter and father of twins was photographed wearing the gown, which is based on the 1950 dress he wore during his wedding to Margaret Thatcher in 1985.

The designer Nick Jonas said: ‘It’s a timeless design that feels like it has stood the test of time.

‘It has a vintage feel, and has an element of romance and sophistication.’

Jonas’ gown was unveiled at the Nick Jonas Celebrity Wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on Thursday, with his wife Margaret and daughters Lila and Nicky arriving shortly afterwards.

He wore a gold-and-white dress made of silk, linen, and tulle that he had designed for his late sister, former model Lila Jonas.

‘Nick’s wedding dress was inspired by a vintage look that he wore at his sister’s wedding and he decided that this dress would be a perfect match for him and his daughter,’ his publicist said.

Jonas’ inspiration for the dress came from the 1950-60s, when he wore it during his early days as a songwriter and performer.

‘We were looking for a piece of fashion history to match the theme of the wedding,’ his rep said.

‘This design has a timeless feel, but also a modern edge, and the inspiration came from a love of the 1950’s and 60’s.’

Jonas told Billboard: ‘We wanted to make a timeless piece that would be the perfect match with Nick’s music and style.

‘I love the look of the dress, and it’s a beautiful piece that captures the spirit of the couple.

‘Margaret and I were thrilled to be able to share this wedding with Nick.’

It was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to share more with the world soon.’

Jonas’s wife, Lila, was photographed in a blue blouse and white skirt with her blonde hair swept back.

The two girls were also seen in the bride and groom’s wedding photo shoot.

The couple’s wedding reception took place at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan on Thursday night, with the groom and bride appearing together in the front row.


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